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Vital Resiliency™ is a Vital Options International® Platform for the purpose of:


  • Providing Hospitals, Integrated Health Networks and other Health Related Institutions with a comprehensive Secondary Trauma Risk Analysis, a proven and time-tested results-based resiliency training curriculum and a digital health platform for ongoing support and advanced resiliency training to Healthcare Professionals at all levels.

  • Providing Healthcare and Human Service Professionals a Comprehensive Resiliency Training Program which enables them to identify and better manage the stress and secondary trauma associated with patient and human care.

  • Providing Advanced Medical, Nursing and Other Care Provider Students the Resiliency Training and on-going support desperately needed and required to be flexible and adaptive in response to challenges. Advanced Medical students who are transitioning from medical studies to clinical practice face a variety of workplace demands that can lead to negative learning experiences, stress, burnout and poor quality of life.


About Vital Options International

Founded in 1983, Vital Options International is a 501c3 whose mission is to provide Advocacy, Health Education to the healthcare industry and Financial Assistance to qualified patients, caregivers and families battling a chronic, terminal or rare condition. Vital Options International also provides Virtual Social Therapy® through a global community network of Patients, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals.

Resiliency Training gave me renewed energy, saved my career and allowed me to provide better care for my patients.  Beth L. RN

I have reached a point in my career where I felt it is definitely vital to my heart (and my work) that I take care of myself and the secondary trauma I face!  Christy E.

My advice to anyone looking to attend nursing school is that if your nursing program does not offer VitalHeart's Training, find another program.      Linda C. PA

Physician stress and burnout is an everyday occurrence in my hospital which leads to mistakes being made. Resiliency training should be mandatory for everyone working in patient care.  Jonathan P. MD, Neurologist 

Days filled with treating cancer patients has taken its toll on my body, mind and soul. Prior to attending the resiliency training, I contemplated leaving medicine. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend resiliency training with some of the best physicians in the business.                       Paul R. MD, Oncologist

With so many of my colleagues suffering from stress, depression and burnout, you would think that our hospital administration would take notice and appropriate action.  Carl T. MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

If you don't think that COVID19 rocked our world and caused us all to pause and rethink our career choice, THINK AGAIN.  Kate W. RN, Emergency Care

Our hospital claims they fully understand and are addressing doctor and nurse burnout. I can tell you first hand that is not the case. The programs they offer us are only a way to make themselves feel like they are helping and on our side! It is a shame to see so many great doctors and nurses being treated this way.  Kimberly H. NP, MBA, Head of Nursing

I became a doctor to help people. I became a Pediatric Cardiologist to help children with the rarest heart conditions have a better life as they hopefully grow old. Watching the strength and will to live in many of my patients is inspiring but takes a significant toll on me.

Donald N. MD, PhD, MBA, Pediatric Cardiologist

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